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    Rest for Families

    Find rest and rejuvenation. Learn how children with complex healthcare needs can visit Matthew's House.

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Stories & Updates

Footprints on the Future

Join us on February 7th for a free seminar on will and estate planning. Learn how to ensure your will maps out the future you want.

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A Community of Support

Donations to Matthew's House make a difference to families like that of Karter Witt. Give a gift today!

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Seamstress Shares Gifts

Freda Teichroeb has found a way to share her love of Christmas with the children at Matthew's House - and you!

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Caregiver with a Special Connection

When Rosa arrived at the airport just over three years ago, she was greeted by the Newton family, whom she would be living with. Their warm-hearted greeting removed any doubts that Rosa had about leaving her home in Peru and moving to Canada.

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