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Become a Matthew’s House Key Holder!

When you’re a parent caring for a child with disabilities, it can be like standing in front of a locked door. You know that there’s relief on the other side but you have no key to unlock that door and get that relief. You feel helpless, frustrated, stressed, alone.

Imagine how good it would feel to come alongside that parent, open that door and say “Welcome here. We’ve been waiting for you. We’re ready to help.” You can do that today.

mh_icon_key Become a Matthew’s House Key Holder!

When you become a Matthew’s House Key Holder, you’re unlocking the door to a place to call home providing quality care to children and youth with complex care needs – and you’re ensuring that door stays open.


Why Give Monthly?



As a Key Holder, your regular, faithful giving provides Matthew’s House with reliable income.



Monthly giving provides a reliable source of income, sustaining the service we provide to children and youth at Matthew’s House. A monthly gift allows us to plan for the future without worrying if enough funds will come in to support this vital resource.



It’s convenient for you – just set it up once, choosing the amount that fits your budget (knowing you can change the amount at any time). No amount is too small to make a difference to a child and their family.

I’m just so thankful for Matthew’s House. It has made a huge difference to our family.

Mindy, mom to Austin.

I chose to give to Matthew’s House because of a friend and her daughter who were helped by what Matthew’s House gives to children and their families.  Sue Whyte, Matthew’s House Key Holder

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