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Caring for the Ocean, Caring for People

It was a beautiful spring day in May when Jadacey, Alexander, and Austin visited Hadden Park in Vancouver to participate in The Great Canadian Shore Clean-up. The outing was initiated by Lisa, one of the dedicated staff members at Matthew’s House. Lisa is passionate about caring for the environment.


“I wish people would think more seriously about the impact that we have on the environment,” she says. “Wildlife is really impacted by trash left on beaches. Birds get caught in fishing line or eat the trash left on beaches. Plastic affects seals, fish and other animals living in the sea.”

Austin loved it that their activity was a way to care for animals.

Lisa wanted to do something concrete to make a positive impact on the environment and thought that the youth living at Matthew’s House would appreciate the opportunity to do something too. Taking part in the beach clean-up was a perfect way to bring these ideas together.

Always helpful Alexander was sure to examine every piece they picked up.

Austin loves animals and understood that picking up trash would make a difference, so he was happy to help hold the trash bags while others filled them.

Jadacey loved being in the sunshine.

Jadacey loved being out beside the ocean, laughing excitedly. And Alexander wanted to see every piece of garbage that was put into his bag.


“Another one!” he’d say.


The event was a huge success with the crew collecting about 100 kg of garbage including pieces of an old boat, tires, ribbons, bottles, food wrappers and more. Lisa would love to see a park clean up in Abbotsford, knowing that the young people living at Matthew’s House would enjoy participating again.


“It’s a great way to give back to our generous community,” she says.

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