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Growing in Blessings

Maggie has been a part of Matthew’s House since it first opened its doors in 2013. She’s been with Communitas, the organization that provides services through Matthew’s House, even longer. This has been a place where she has been able to fulfill her life-long calling to support people living with disabilities and she loves her work.

Maggie’s journey began years ago when her sister, who worked in a home that supported people living with disabilities, introduced to her to the people living there.

“Those who lived there were loving, caring people and I loved stopping by just to say ‘hi’,” she remembers. “It was an eye-opener to me to see how many people there are who are in need of care.”

This experience motivated Maggie to learn and become more involved in health care. When she moved to Canada, she continued to find ways to be involved in the lives of people with disabilities and soon found work for Communitas. Her first job was working in a residential home, supporting five adults. It was a growing experience for Maggie.

“I learned to see each person for who they are, not their medical conditions. I really came to love each one and they still hold a special place in my heart,” she says.

She also loves working with children and Matthew’s House has been a perfect fit for her. She began as a residential support worker, then assistant manager and in summer of 2018, Maggie took on the role of manager. When asked why she decided to apply for this role, she says it was a “heart decision.”

“I love my job and the people I support. I can say with confidence that this is where God is calling me to be.” Maggie, Matthew’s House manager

The role of manager enables her to use her leadership gifts and advocate for the people Communitas supports. Maggie has discovered that encouragement is a two-way gift: as she encourages her staff team to grow in their workplace, she is encouraged as she sees their growth. The same principle applies to the people she serves.

The Matthew’s House staff with Jadacey and Austin: Connie, Liliana, Symone, Rosa, Kaitlin, Olga, Kate, Gaby, Maggie, Jason, Loveleen

“I believe that people will remember how we made them feel and what we help them accomplish,” she reflects. “Seeing a person’s potential and providing them with the tools and resources to accomplish what may seem impossible is really energizing.”

As Matthew’s House continues to transition, providing care for youth who are moving into adulthood, Maggie says the essence of the care that Matthew’s House provides has not changed.

“We continue to support people with complex health care needs,” she says. “There is so much need in this area and to be able to bring any support to our community and to families is a blessing.”

That feeling of blessing radiates out from Maggie’s warm smile, heart-felt laugh, and gentle touch. She is grateful for the opportunities that she has in her work to continue to learn and grow to best support the families she serves and to have a team of dedicated staff who feel the same way.

“I’m surrounded by a team that has a heart for the people we support and together we try hard to bring our best to them every day,” she says. “Our families are so amazing and I want to thank them for allowing us to care for the ones they love.”

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