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Homemade Baking Makes It Special

Those who are lucky enough to be invited to Julia and Jane’s Coffee Morning for Matthew’s House are always in for a treat. The table is always beautifully set with pretty flowers, beautiful dishes and tiered cake plates loaded with homemade pastries. The friends have hosted several Coffee Mornings and always enjoy the experience.

“We had fifteen people come to our last one and we seem to get more every year,” Julia says. “We also had several people who couldn’t come offer donations to Matthew’s House anyway, which was very kind.”

Guests at Julia and Jane’s Coffee Morning love the opportunity to visit and learn more about Matthew’s House

Julia has volunteered at Matthew’s House for a few years, helping out with the staff who care for the children. She has seen the impact that Matthew’s House has on families.

“I saw firsthand how grateful parents are who are able to leave their children at Matthew’s House and get some respite, knowing their children are receiving excellent care and attention,” she says.

This year, Coffee Morning happens April 23-27th. It is a wonderfully easy fundraiser to host: simply choose a date during that week, put on a pot of coffee, get some goodies and invite your friends to join you. Let them know that it’s a fundraiser and that they can make a donation to Matthew’s House. The resource development staff for Matthew’s House provide you with a kit that includes invitations, information about Matthew’s House, a coin box for donations and more. Those who sign up before March 26th can request to have Starbucks provide free coffee for their event.

Julia and Jane both love to bake, so they make their own selection of cakes and cookies for their guests to enjoy. They try to think of something a bit different each year. Guests seem to enjoy the social time with friends and appreciate the opportunity to learn about Matthew’s House. Julia hopes others will consider hosting an event as well.

Julia and Jane love baking and hosting this special event

“Jane and I enjoy planning and baking for the morning, it’s so much fun,” she says. “I would encourage others to either host or attend a Coffee Morning for Matthew’s House. It’s a worthwhile cause to support.”





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