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Contribution from Province will help Parents

A one-time contribution of $500,000 from the Province of British Columbia comes at a critical time for Matthew’s House. This contribution will continue to support families with children who have complex care needs.

“As a community we value the tireless efforts undertaken daily by the dedicated team at Matthew’s House and Communitas Supportive Care Society,” says Michael de Jong, MLA for Abbotsford West. “We are proud to partner with such a worthwhile cause.”

For many families, this service is absolutely vital.

“Matthews House gives me strength when I cannot handle the things that each day brings me,” says Brenda Newton, whose daughter Kylie lives with significant health challenges. Kylie visits Matthew’s House regularly.

Karyn Santiago is the chief executive officer of Communitas Supportive Care Society, which operates Matthew’s House. She says the contribution announcement is welcome news.

“We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia. Raising significant dollars for an undertaking such as Matthew’s House is a challenge and this contribution is a real investment in families for whom Matthew’s House is a lifeline.” Karyn Santiago

Donors to Matthew’s House are a key part of this support for families.  Parents pay a daily fee when they bring their children for respite care but this does not cover the costs of keeping Matthew’s House open. Santiago says that as the organization continues to explore partnerships and long-term funding solutions, this contribution provides the breathing room needed to continue the services provided to families.

“Every cent will be used to support the children and families who visit Matthew’s House,” she says.

Kylie Newton loves spending time at Matthew’s House.

Knowing that there is support from the community makes a big difference to families like the Newtons.

“One of the reasons that my husband Ian and I have been willing to share our story is because we know that it costs a lot to operate Matthew’s House.” Brenda says. “We are grateful for the many donors who make Matthew’s House possible for families like ours.”

Santiago also acknowledges the importance of a supportive community.

“On behalf of the families who need this resource, we say thank you,” Santiago says. “Thank you to the provincial government for this contribution and thank you to all those generous donors in our community. We need your support so that children get the care they need while parents get the rest they deserve.”

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