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Meet Evita

Evita has a unique connection to Matthew’s House. She began as a volunteer in 2015, interacting with the children and helping out wherever needed. She loved the experience so much, that she applied to work as a Residential Support Worker (RSW) and served in this role until August of this year. Since fall, Evita has been working as the new Resource Development assistant for Communitas, the organization that operates Matthew’s House. Each role has given her a different perspective.

“As a volunteer, it was all about being a friend and companion to the children,” she says. “As an RSW, my relationship with the children deepened and I began to see the bigger picture of their lives as I got to know their families.”

Evita has a wonderful relationship with both Austin (above) and Jadacey

Now, in a more administrative role, she realizes that while her connection to Matthew’s House is not as hands-on, she is still helping and serving families. Along with her part-time work, Evita is also a full-time honours student, studying history at Trinity Western University.  Her experiences with Matthew’s House have definitely influenced her long-terms goals. She plans to study law and while she is still exploring her options, she knows she wants to work in a way as to support people who live with developmental disabilities. She wants people to know that there is a need.

“There are moms and dads and young people who still need our support,” she says. “I see this at Matthew’s House with Austin and Jadacey, Alexander and others. It’s our responsibility to support them if we can.”

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