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Stories that will touch your heart

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Sugar Scrubs Provide Sweet Support

Earlier this year, we received a lovely letter and poster from Ella Wickens, a grade 6 student at Clayburn Middle School. As part of her Health and Career class, Ella …


Contribution from Province will help Parents

A significant contribution from the Province of BC means Matthew’s House can continue to support families.


Volunteer Devoted to Children

Evita is a busy, full time student studying history with an eye towards medical law. Still, she makes volunteering at Matthew’s House a priority because she loves the children.


Is Matthew’s House Right for You?

Oliver’s mom, Connie, had heard about Matthew’s House but wasn’t sure if it was right for her family. She’s glad she contacted us to learn more.


Coming Full Circle

Kyla discovered her passion for serving children and families while she was still in high school. Now she’s fulfilling that passion at Matthew’s House.


Your Gift Makes a Difference

Parents have been talking about Matthew’s House. Find out what they’ve been saying!


Heartfelt Care That Makes a Difference

Connor Bothwell is learning to speak and his while vocabulary is growing, there are two words he says almost every day: “Matthew’s House.” “Connor loves going to Matthew’s House so …


An Experience of a Lifetime

They say that Disneyland is “the happiest place on earth” and for one special day in October, it really was that happy place for Jadacey, Karter and several other children …


Serving with a Happy Heart

The centre of the Matthew’s House logo is a big, red heart. It tells us that this respite home for children with complex care needs is a place filled with …


Living with Joy and Abundance

When I get Shannon Aziz on the phone, she and her family are holidaying at their cabin. Going to the cabin in the summer can be a wonderful family time. …


A Perfect Opportunity

When Cassidy Wagner-Biddle began planning for her career, she never thought she’d find work in a place that would suit her skills so perfectly. “I absolutely love kids and see myself working with kids, youth and families, so I could not have asked for a better opportunity,” she says.


Stronger Together Grant Supports Families

A new project at Matthew’s House will help families with children who have complex care needs support their children more fully thanks to a grant from the Bridgeway Foundation through …

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