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Project Provides Hope

Several families have experienced hope and rest thanks to a grant from Stronger Philanthropy.

Communitas Supportive Care Society facilitates Matthew’s House, which supports families by providing quality care to children with complex care needs so that their parents can get the rest they deserve. The grant from Stronger Philanthropy was used to create The Hope Project, a unique project that enabled the organization to help families whose extraordinary circumstances meant they needed a little extra TLC.

“Through The Hope Project, we were able to come alongside families whose already challenging situations were made even more difficult by extraordinary circumstances,” says Karyn Santiago, chief executive officer for Communitas.

The donor wall at Matthew’s House is a tree that keeps on growing with generosity.

In one family’s situation, a parent was faced with medical challenges of her own. In another situation, a family with very limited respite dollars had the opportunity to be refreshed when their child was able to spend time at Matthew’s House. Three families who have multiple children living with disabilities were able to experience respite care. These are just a few examples of how The Hope Project made a difference to families, providing rest and restoring hope. Santiago says that the grant enabled Matthew’s House to respond to parents who are faced with limited resources or who can easily experience burnout without the support and rest.

“We are deeply grateful for the partnership of Stronger Philanthropy and the donors who have made this support possible,” she says. “As Matthew’s House enters its fifth year of supporting families whose children live with complex care needs, we are more convinced than ever that providing opportunities for rest is essential to the long-term well-being of families and the community to which they belong.”

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