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RBC Raises a Cup for Matthew’s House

When Harv Minhas first toured Matthew’s House, he says he was “blown away.” He was somewhat familiar with Matthew’s House but it wasn’t until he had a chance to visit those who live there and see the staff in action that he realized how special this home really is.

“What I saw was that this is truly a home. It’s amazing the way the staff care for Austin (and the others who live there). They are passionate about their work,” he says. “I was just speechless.”

It confirmed for Harv that he had made the right decision to get his team at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) involved in this year’s Coffee Morning for Matthew’s House.

Coffee Morning is a unique fundraiser that is easy for businesses to take part in. Simply provide coffee and goodies for your staff and customers and let them know that it is a fundraiser for Matthew’s House, a home-away-from-home that provides care to youth who live with complex care needs.

Harv explains that RBC encourages all their staff to be actively involved in the communities where they serve customers. When Harv was looking for opportunities for his team to volunteer, Matthew’s House came to mind. He contacted Alan Cavin, director for resource development at Communitas, the organization that facilitates Matthew’s House. Alan told him about Coffee Morning and Harv knew right away that he had found a great way for RBC to get involved.

“Coffee Morning is a perfect way for us to support this amazing place.”   Harv Minhas, business accounts manager with RBC

Harv, who is a business account manager for RBC, says that what impacted him most about his visit was meeting Austin and learning about his progress since he’s come to live at Matthew’s House.

“His story really touched my heart,” Harv says. “When I shared that story with my team and told them about Coffee Morning, they were all immediately on board and excited to participate.”

All four RBC branches – Clearbrook, Sevenoaks, Whatcom and Highstreet  – will host a Coffee Morning, which runs April 29-May 3. They are looking forward to providing coffee and goodies for staff and customers and encouraging everyone to make a donation.

When asked what he would say to other business owners who are wondering if they could host a Coffee Morning, he says he wouldn’t need to say much.

“I’d say ‘why not?’” he says. “I mean, why wouldn’t you? It’s so easy, it really doesn’t take much to participate and you’re supporting something really great, right here in your own community.”

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