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Time for Coffee!

The fifth annual Coffee Morning for Matthew’s House takes place this April 23-27 to raise funds for this home-away-from-home for children with complex care needs.

The first four events raised over $40,000 and Alan Cavin, director of resource development for Matthew’s House, hopes that they’ll be able to meet their $20,000 goal this year.

“We’ve been so encouraged with the way this event has grown each year,” Cavin says. “Businesses, schools and individuals have discovered how easy and how fun it is to host a Coffee Morning and make a difference to families.”

Hosting a Coffee Morning is brilliantly simple: choose a day during the week of April 23-27 to host your event, invite people to join you for coffee and goodies and let them know that it’s a fundraiser for Matthew’s House. Alan and his team will provide you with posters and invitations to promote the event, a recipe from the popular Mennonite Girls Can Cook website, coin boxes to gather donations, and information about Matthew’s House to share with your guests. Participants can also make their donation online.

As an added incentive, hosts who sign up before March 26th can put in a request for free Starbucks coffee to be delivered to their event.

“We are so grateful for this strong partnership with Starbucks,” Cavin says. “They deliver the freshly made coffee right to your door making it even easier to host a Coffee Morning.”

Matthew’s House supports families by providing quality care for children living with complex care needs so that parents can get the rest they deserve. Matthew’s House is funded through a blended partnership between government and private donors and a large portion of this support comes from generous donors and events like Coffee Morning.

Julia Ware volunteers at Matthew’s House and has seen the difference that Matthew’s House makes to families. That’s why she and her friend, Jane, have hosted a Coffee Morning twice. They are looking forward to participating again this year.

Julia and Jane host a Coffee Morning each year.

“We were surprised by how much interest there was and how generous our guests are,” Ware says, adding that their event last year raised $775.

School groups have also participated. At Thomas Swift Elementary, parents, students, teachers and families raised a whopping $3000 with their event last year.

“Parents from the school and my family did tons of baking and we served it with hot coffee in the morning and cold coffee and more baking in the afternoon,” said Mindy McCracken, who organized the event.

Cavin hopes that more businesses, schools and individuals will take part in the 5th annual Coffee Morning for Matthew’s House this April.

“The more people we have participating the greater our outcome will be,” he says. “It really is a community event that demonstrates the big difference we can make when we all join in together to do something fun.”

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