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Volunteer Devoted to Children

Evita is a busy girl. She’s a full time student at Trinity Western University where she is studying history with an eye towards medical law. She volunteers with both the junior and senior youth groups at St. Joseph’s Parish in Mission. She also volunteers with two other organizations that support children, one of which is Matthew’s House.

“I just fell in love with the kids,” she says.

Volunteering is so important to Evita that she quit her last job because it left her with no time to volunteer.

“I felt that emptiness inside and I was just unhappy,” she says.

After talking to her parents, they agreed that school and service were a priority. She is much happier now that she has time to devote to the children and youth she serves.

Matthew’s House was a natural fit for Evita who is a devout Catholic. Operated by Communitas Supportive Care Society, Matthew’s House supports families by providing respite care for children who live with complex care needs. Communitas shares Evita’s values including the conviction that all life is sacred, precious and fragile, requiring nurture. Evita believes strongly that it is everyone’s duty to care for others.

We can be so busy and forget that we have a responsibility to help others. As a society, it is our responsibility to care for those who cannot care for themselves. Evita, volunteer at Matthew’s House

When she’s at Matthew’s House, Evita supports the staff by spending time with the children, doing whatever it is that they want to do – everything from baking to playing games to having dance parties. She says the most rewarding part is when a child recognizes her because it means a friendship has been formed.

There are definitely challenges like when a non-verbal child is trying to communicate with her and she can’t understand what they are trying to say. But mostly, she finds the rewards outweigh the challenges.

“The children are so brilliant,” she says. “I feel so privileged because not everyone has the opportunity to see that.”

It is this passion for life and service that has informed her educational goals and her desire to advocate for others. And even though a full student and volunteer schedule keeps life busy, Evita says it’s really just a matter of good planning and doing something you love because then “it doesn’t feel like a job.”

Evita loves her experience at Matthew’s House so much that she has applied to work there. But she is philosophical about this.

“I prayed before my interview and asked God to place the person who can best serve the kids into this job – whether that’s me or someone else,” she says.

Regardless, Evita will continue to serve and care for children because that is truly her calling.

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